The chemical composition and grain size are of great importance for anthracite. To specifically meet the different customer requirements, we have developed anthracite briquets together with a renowned laboratory. Our so called 'pellets' should replace the original 'anthracite briquets'. Our pellets can be used in the chemical industry as well as in the steel industry. The biggest advantage of our pellets over the original anthracite briquets is that we can produce them according to our customer's wishes. That means we can adjust the size as wel as the chemical composition/reaction time

This can be of great importance to optimize the production processes, which therefore also contributes to the environment and reduces the production costs. Moreover, we are even able to make the product is such way, that we can determine (among other things) the water absorption and the ignition temperature of the anthracite. Worldwide, we are the only company who can get this done. 

At this moment, we can produce the pellets in the grades 12mm, 30mm and 70mm, and we can supply this material in bulk as well as packed in big bags. Our current capacity is 280,000 tons per year. 




You can see the analytical report of our standard product below.

Since this is a complex story, if you are interested in our high-quality product, it is very important to discuss this in detail before ordering. This way we can discuss which characteristics are important to you as customer, so that we can tailor the product to your wishes as much as possible!


We can also supply standard Russian anthracite products such as
0-6mm / 1-6mm / 3-6mm / 6-12mm / 12-30mm / 30-70mm. 


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