KB Schroot

KB Schroot takes care of the processing of scrap waste.

The costumer is king. This means that, if necessary, we can completely relieve our suppliers throughout Europe. 

Waste no longer exists

Certainly not in our industry. Iron is very easy to recycle, which means that scrap has value. We always look at the 'total picture' of a project. What should be done? Which materials will be released? We then assess each of the substances released on the possibily to recycle. What will the value then be? This 'set-off' is very favorable for large projects, because less financing is required. We can also take care of that financing for you, so we can manage your entire project. 

We are happy to assist you for more information!

Metal as a renewable base material

We recycle on a large scale. If you have volume in scrap, we can dispose it for you. If the volume is still incorporated in other products, we can also 'dismantle' this first. That means we separate the material in pieces which we then sort. This way, we try to support you in all additional tasks.