KB Verhuur & Handels BV

KB Verhuur & Handel is part of KB Group. KB Verhuur & Handel provides various services with regard to the processing and transport of raw materials. This mainly concerns primary, but also secondary raw materials such as anthracite, PCI coal, iron ore and pig iron.




We process approximately 850,000 tons of material on an annual basis.



KB Verhuur & Handel has its own installations for sieving, crushing, wet sieving & washing, separation and mixing of raw materials.

The number of machines we have is still growing.

The entire process is simplified using our own machines.



Our installations and machines

Total package

We offer you the possibility to unload / load sea ships and can also provide temporary storage. We specialize in both secondary and primary raw materials for the construction and steel industry. If desired, we can add an upgrade of the product by sieving, breaking, mixing and / or packaging. We can offer you a total package from unloading the boat to delivery to your customer, including all steps involved.

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