KB Group

KB Group contains the following businesses: KB Schroot, KB Verhuur & Handel and KB Handel & Vermietung. These businesses are working together, but also operate separately.

Our ambition is: “Setting a new trend in the field of sustainability, circular economy and transparency”

What we do

KB Group focuses on different areas, such as:

- Development and project/process management
- Rental of special machines
- Trade in raw materials or the steel- and construction industry

We supply high quality raw materials for the steel industry, such as scrap, anthracite, pig iron and iron ore. 

We also supply new steel products and we can adjust the steel products for industrial purposes. Contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Our locations

KB Schroot BV
Westhavenweg 70
1042 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Kantoor KB Group
Westhavenweg 121
1042 BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

KB Handel & Vermietung GmbH
Benzstraße 45
47574 Goch

alt EN
alt EN


Our teams in Amsterdam (NL) and Goch (DE) work hard to satisfy our customers. We are a young, dynamic and modern company, consisting of a group of specialists in the fields of environment, demolition, logistics and trade. We specialize in the processing of raw metals worldwide.

We process +/- 850,000 tons material annually into a high-quality raw material. We mainly do this for large steel producers from all over Europe. Because we have access to a large site with quay, where we have both sea and inland water connections, we can offer a complete concept including logistics to the end customer. In the video you can get a picture of our terrain. 


Our environment

Strong and reliable partners

KB Group