Scrap, the secondary raw material with a future

Scrap processing has all to do with environmental planning and financials

For local activities we work together with smallĀ  to super- large world scale companies to secure metals.

Project-based approach

Scrap handling is planning, finance, environmental responsability. You can trust on our team well skilled people in either of these fields.

Environmental aspects, planning logistics and financial processes

We care about the whole project. From the planning, logistics and finance.

Strong and reliable partners

Combined strength is the benchmark for the future

Our site and the Weighbridge
On our terrain of 25000 m2 we have a 60 ft long weighbridge that goes up to 70 metric tons of total weight.
We can receive trains up to a total length of 550 yards
Seagoing vessels
We can receive seagoing vessels with a maximum width of 50yards and a depth of 15 yards. The quay length is 380 yards.
Loading and unloading schedule
If necessary, we can load and unload 24/7